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The Range Wide Conservation Program for Cheetah and African Wild Dogs was initiated in 2007. It was conceived by Dr. Sarah Durant and Prof. Rosie Woodroffe, who realized that, because cheetah and African wild dogs range so widely, their survival required coordinated conservation action on a massive scale rarely seen in terrestrial conservation. The program depends on coordinated frameworks for conservation action, including, to date, three Regional Conservation Strategies and 17 National Conservation Action Plans, which encompass >90% of known cheetah range and >85% of known wild dog range. These conservation frameworks have three separate, but compatible, visions:

Southern Africa: To secure viable cheetah and wild dog populations across a range of ecosystems, that successfully coexist with, and are valued by, the people of southern Africa

East Africa: To secure viable and ecologically functional cheetah and wild dog populations as valued components of development in eastern Africa

North West Central Africa: A West, Central and North Africa with restored populations of cheetah and wild dog, achieved through managing its biodiversity and natural resources in a sustainable and concerted manner for human well-being

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Regional Conversational Strategies & National Plansafrica

Regional Conservation Strategies have been completed for three regions and National
Action Plans developed for 14 countries. Click on the links below to access the plans.

Strategies & Action Plans

Threats to Their Survivalbkgd-cheetah

The survival of cheetah and African wild dogs is threatened in a number of ways.

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